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Who are we?

Select is a home service franchise company with operations in New Zealand, Australia & USA. Established in 2003 Select now has over 200 Franchisees, 3,000 clients and over $8m annual group turnover.

The company was founded with the strategic intent of using the Franchise model (owner operators) to deliver a consistently high quality of service to its client base while allowing Franchisees to build a business that suits their desire to earn more through business ownership.

Research had shown that the home services market is growing rapidly all over the world and therefore provides Franchisees with a great opportunity to take the Select System and build their own service business.

The system was developed in 2003 and a pilot operation was established in Auckland by Mark Gilbert, the Franchisor. Of crucial importance to the establishment and development of the Home Cleaning franchise was the development of the Select Double Business Guarantee. This guarantee is unique and incentivises Franchisees to further grow their business while minimising their costs within the system.

In 2005 SelectCleaning won an award at the NZ Franchise Awards for Best Regional Franchisee, thus reflecting its multi-faceted strengths in franchise systems, as well as in the Master Franchisee arena and within the individual Franchisees businesses.

Over the next 5 years SelectCleaning was developed in NZ with systems tested and adjusted as needed.

In 2011 SelectCleaning was launched in Melbourne and now operates in Melbourne, Sydney and Adealide.

In 2011 SelectCleaning won a Franchise Award in NZ for Best Regional Franchisee and in 2012 the Select Group won Home Services Best Franchise System of the Year.

We believe that our systems and processes are among the best in the world and provide Franchisees with every opportunity to build their own businesses by following few easy step - the first of which is to contact us and find out how we can help you join this fast growing sector.

All the best,

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Mark Gilbert

P.S. Ask about our unique double business guarantee (conditions apply) when we make contact.